Oliver Mel Allen

I am an artist and a Network Science PhD student at Northeastern University. I'm interested in social media, data science, science communication, art, and design. Currently I am a member of the Lazer Lab (advised by Dr. David Lazer). I am also a data analytics intern at TrustLab.

Visualizing Complexity Science Workshop
I created illustrations and data visualizations for an article prototype "Fight for Survival" as part of the Visualizing Complexity Science Workshop
IU Societal Computing Lab
Prototypes designed to investigate technologies for mitigating HIV-related stigma.
Covid-19 Data Project Linkedin Campaign
Designs to promote the values, achievements, and features of the Covid-19 Data Project.
Graphic design for Scientific Publication 2016-2018
Designs for use in scientific publication and/or the promotion of scientific conferences made between 2016-2018.
Neutral Bots Probe Political Bias on Social Media
Illustrations for presentation of Neutral Bots Probe Political Bias on Social Media
The Cottagecore to Tradwife Pipeline
Research showing the pipeline resulting from aesthetic similarities between Cottagecore and Tradwife content on Tumblr. Presented as a poster at Stanford Trust and Safety Research Conference 2023
REU @ University of Southern California
Research completed at USC's Information Sciences Institute during my summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program.
Ukraine as a Political Tool in Sponsored Content
A poster showing the use of Ukraine as a political tool in Facebook Sponsored content. Presented at ASONAM 2022.
IUUR Poster Symposium
Research Completed for the 2020 Indiana University Undergraduate Research Journal summer symposium.
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